Importance of Using Google+ For Law Firm Marketing

Personalized Search Results & Google+

Hopefully, by now you have heard about and realized the importance of utilizing Google+ for marketing your law firm.  Google+ is the social lawyer that Google is using to connect online personal behavior with their search algorithms.  By utilizing Google+ effectively for your own personal profile as well as  your law firm’s Google business page, you can realize some major benefits within search results.

Google+ Law Firm AuthorshipSome Benefits of Google+

  • Ability to submit content directly into the Google social layer:  Why is this beneficial?  Google is using Google+ content that you post to build a “personalized” profile about you.  Posting content that is relevant to your business, interests, personality, etc. will help establish a personal connection to other relevant content and individuals.
  • Ability to connect to individuals/companies that you want to be connected with:  Using Google+ circles and interacting with other Google+ content (+1, share, etc.) you are helping Google build your personal profile.
  • Previously mentioned items help improve your search engine visibility:  When you post content, and connect with other individuals/companies you will enjoy the benefit of having your content pushed to the 1st page of Google search results.  The image above demonstrates how content posted by individuals and businesses that I’m connected to is pushed to the 1st page of search results.
  • UPDATE (06/28/14) Google is no longer displaying profile images within organic search results – Google authorship displays profile image in search results (under certain circumstances):  By having an optimized and properly configured Google+ profile and having it connected to your web site you can enjoy the advantage of having your profile image display next to your search results, like in the image to the right.  Having a profile image displayed next to search results has shown to increase click through rates and engagement.

Having an optimized personal and law firm Google+ profile has many benefits and I’m sure the list of benefits will continue to grow over time.  If you need help setting up a Google+ profile or want to learn more about how we can help your law firm take advantage Google+, contact us today.

Google Instant Displaying Google+ Profiles

Recently I noticed another good reason to be utilizing Google+ while doing some searches.  I noticed that Google Instant was actually displaying Google+ profiles of people within my “circles” (see image).

This is just another reason to make sure you have a personal Google+ profile that is “optimized” and you are actively connecting to people and posting content that you want to be associated with.

Remember, you need an “optimized” personal profile as well as a Google+ page for your law firm.

We can help set up profiles for you and your law firm on Google+, as well as other social media networks.


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